• Avinesh PVS

    NLP Specialist & Data Scientist. I am an adventure junkie and I see myself as a globetrotter someday. I like sharing my life’s little experiences and adventures.

    My simple philo in life is “Life is filled with everything, it depends on us how we take it”. It is all in the perspective and moving strong. As big fellas say key to success is believing in yourself and achieving what you always dream. Forget about the past, enjoy the present.

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Helping Hands > Praying Lips

My post after a long time, so bare with me its too philosophical :).. Its true that Helping Hands play a significant change in our society and not just generous praying. Well for a while I was also part of the bunch of guys who just talk about social problems, poverty but do nothing. In … Continue reading

♂ ♀ Equality & Freedom

Back to the blogging business after a long long gap. Its about 3 friends discussing about the future,freedom,enjoyment of life. What do u wanna do in the coming years? Are we enjoying our life? F1: Female ♀ working M1: Male ♂ working M2: Male ♂ studying The conversation goes on like this… F1: So what … Continue reading

Am I a “CHILD” or an “ADULT”?

Back with a post after a long gap. The most common question that youngsters ask themselves “Am I a CHILD or an ADULT??”.. Have I grown up??.. Am I mature enough to take my own decisions??.. Well everyone wants to grow up early and get the tag of an adult.. There is lots of power … Continue reading

Reducing the Generation Gap

This is also an incident from my life.. Just wanted to share with you.. Before starting with the narration I wanna tell you about a special person in my life “My Dad”.. My Dad is a Graduate from RECW (now NIT Warangal) and working in ONGC for about 25 years.. So as far as intellectuality … Continue reading

My Memorable First Goal in Football

Lots of philosophy in my posts.. Well this time I am trying for something new.. Football: 1 ball 22 players.. At a time only one man holds the ball.. The probability that one holds the ball depends on the team that one is playing against..I am not a good player but used to play this … Continue reading

Hope -> Expectation -> Desperation -> Sadness

Thought to share this long ago..But everything has its right time to do and execute.. Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance — i.e., believing that a positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the … Continue reading

Whts Happiness ???

This is one of my greatest discussions ever (6 hour long – 00:00 hrs to 6:00 am)… Before starting off with the theme i should introduce you to 4 people among whom this discussion took place. Rahul : (a.k.a Saladi,ITEM) my langoti yar (family friend and 1st – 4th classmate ). It is difficult to … Continue reading


Hi all this is Avinesh PVS (nick: avi) . Well i created this blog long ago but couldn’t get enthu to post in here. My close friends know me as a person who generally thinks of doing so many things but ends up doing nothing. One of my so called planned things is blogging. So … Continue reading