♂ ♀ Equality & Freedom

Back to the blogging business after a long long gap.

Its about 3 friends discussing about the future,freedom,enjoyment of life. What do u wanna do in the coming years? Are we enjoying our life? Boys Vs Girls

F1: Female ♀ working M1: Male ♂ working M2: Male ♂ studying

The conversation goes on like this…

F1: So what do u wanna do in the future guys??

M2: Go to Europe for further studies..enjoy life..

M1: Be in job and go for trips with my team and with friends.

M1&M2: What about u?

F1: Get married.. really bored of life 🙂

M1&M2: :O …what ??? You wanna get married because u r bored of life and work?

F1: Atleast i will have someone on weekends to go out with..

M2: Arey Dumbo now atleast u have friends to go out with.. Once you are married then u will have only one person to go out with. And also dude freedom you will not have it anymore.

F1: Thats what the problem is. I have no freedom like you guys. To go out I have to take permission of parents. To go to a party parents permission. To go for a trip parents permission. And it is not always YES :(. My life is really boring .. I wanna enjoy my life.

Now we understood she also had a point. If a guy wants to do something he usually gets affirmative replies from parents, but a gal generally needs to plead,promise and what not to convince their parents. Even then they don’t get the green signal. I heard from lot of my friends kaash mein bhi ladkha hothi i wanna enjoy like you, i could come to goa with you guys..

So you might ask why is that parents are too caring about their daughters and curb their freedom? Is it that this is a male dominating society and a boy can live in any situation and a gal cannot? What might be the reason?

One cannot blame parents for this. They are being over protective only because they see examples from the society and make up their mind. So when does a gal really get freedom? When is she going to do something for her own and enjoy life? I remember a line from one of my grandma’s friend (she is 60 now) During my Teens i was controlled by my parents, When i was 20-30 had to live for my husband, When i was 30-60 i had to live for my children (without embarrassing them), Now (at 60) i have some time for myself and i am going for a world tour”.

So gals just checkout when you really have time for yourself. 🙂

21 Responses to “♂ ♀ Equality & Freedom”
  1. samuels...jo says:

    luks lyk an interesting post (i only read the first 4 lines and last lines, thats enuf for grasping wats in it :D) , so i’ll post a comment later after reading full content

  2. Gopal Koduri says:

    Equipping girls with necessary defensive mechanisms will do… that’s (mostly, the only) reason why parents are so over protective. There has been a persistent (+ve) change in this regard since independence, at least.

    And other easy way out is to have a partner who does that, just as she is wishing for! 🙂

  3. Sowmya says:

    @everybody: the F1 in the post is not me… avinesh, please confirm.. most ppl are assuming its me and are troubling..

    btw..nice post…very different kinda thinking about marriage..

  4. Avinesh says:

    Btw guys its not Sowmi.. But yeah her plans are also similar…

  5. Ghost Runner says:

    .. too much free-will instigates bad intentions!

    Hence, parents are scared that boys would misuse their freedom to exploit the girls. So our (guys’) freedom becomes scary to a situation where the girls have freedom

  6. I really don’t like to comment upon posts like these .. but you put up a common point we do notice.

    @sowmya: when is your marriage ?? 😛

  7. Sowmya says:

    @avinesh: item.. who told u my plans are similar.. single life rocks!! naaku intlo freedom kooda bane undi… durmarguda..dushtuda..nee bday gift cancel..

    @phani chaitanya: as i said.. i m nt interested on getting married soon.. so I really have no idea..

  8. Avinesh says:

    @sowmi: item.. kunchum masala add cheste janalu interest vastundi.. see now people are waiting for ur marriage :P..

  9. Sowmya says:

    @avinesh: u are spoiling my name for ur popularity!! no1 is waiting for me to get married.. not even my younger sister.. why would anybody care.. ikkada full ga item ayyanu..

    @everybody: making things clear.. summarizing:
    1. i dont share F1’s thoughts about marriage
    2. i m not planning to get married soon

  10. Avinesh says:

    @all: sowmi feels that F1 is desperate to get married.. This blog is not written in that context.. Its about equality and freedom..

    Anyways I am confirming that she doesn’t have any such plans.. the previous comment was just pun intended..

    @sowmi: kshaminche ee.. i want my gift :P..

  11. Sowmya says:

    @avinesh: not desperate.. X( ..
    “interested” is the operative word 🙂

    discussion on blog over personal gmail window rocks

  12. Avinesh says:

    @sowmi: yeah yeah it rocks for those who don’t have work @ office.. 🙂

  13. samuels...jo says:

    dude involve some other girl now as her role was over 😛

  14. samuels...jo says:

    read the full content , interesting, nething involving life and marriage is gr8
    @phani F u , on wat things do u comment man

  15. Srivatsava says:

    @ Avi : For the first time i felt wordpress is doing a good job!! In the tags beside, HAPPINESS is five times the size of all the other words depicting ur cult :P.

    @ Sowmi : Abaddalu aadithey aadapillalu pudatarata 😉

  16. amar says:

    wow…nice blog….i guess u have a gud future as human right activist…[:P]

  17. Avinesh says:

    @John,Amar: thanks… human activist is a big title.. 🙂

    @Darur: Happiness is most popular word in my blog dude 😀

  18. Geetika says:

    Hey avi, I know M2 is u 😛
    so here’s a question for u when u said this…
    “M2: Arey Dumbo now atleast u have friends to go out with.. Once you are married then u will have only one person to go out with. And also dude freedom you will not have it anymore.”

    What is this re… you guys wont be friends with our husbands ?… we will have one extra person to go out with… and why wont there be freedom and all… it will be just like a commited couple in a group of friends….

    The problem here for F1 is a gen gap with her parents … so they do have some conflicting thoughts.
    Disclaimer: for the next line, my source is some friends and few cousins.
    With husbands I guess the gals have a way to get things done 😉

  19. Geetika says:

    btw…. Nice post re… Keep going 🙂

  20. Avinesh says:

    @Geetu: Offcourse we will be friends with your husbands ra.. By freedom i meant you cannot come along with us whenever u want.. Its a bit more than the committed couple dude.. Some responsibilities and stuff.. Anyways we will try to make it same as we are now 🙂

    “With husbands I guess the gals have a way to get things done 😉 ”

    @ Guys just be careful about the above statement 🙂

  21. Geetika says:

    @avi: sometimes its ok… but I guess the problem here is not about sometimes… its about always :)….. neways… meeku vere choice ledu… u shd be frnds with them … lekapote tolu teestam 😛 😀

    @the statement: hehe 😛

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