Helping Hands > Praying Lips

My post after a long time, so bare with me its too philosophical :)..

Its true that Helping Hands play a significant change in our society and not just generous praying. Well for a while I was also part of the bunch of guys who just talk about social problems, poverty but do nothing. In fact I always wanted to do something, but I was confused about how and where to start? Some questions that came in my mind were i) What if I get involved with a big social service organization?? ii) Will I be completely a part of it if I join?? iii) Will it be convenient for me?? (I am pretty sure most of us have this question in mind)..

Once I heard some of our batch-mates Vundavalli (V Srinivas Rao), Bappi (Bappineedu) were visiting some orphanages for a while. Later one fine day there comes a mail from Vundavalli about organising a lunch at an orphanage. I immediately responded to the mail :). Due to large amount of donation from our friends gang, the plan changed to organise for 3 different orphanages. You might be wondering how is a lunch going to tackle social problems??? True it’s not going to, but it is a platform for people like me to start things and realize by spending some time. So, THARA was the first in the league.

THARA – The Homage for Anawim Rest and Awakening. (More description will be found on the link : courtesy @vundavalli). I will be focusing more on my experiences here and not telling about the institute.

We reached the place in the morning and got necessary items needed for lunch. When we went to the market for shopping, I realized dude I didn’t know anything about how to prepare a Biryani (I remembered my mom telling “Avi come in the kitchen and see it’s not that easy” :D). We were supposed to get some large amount of ingredients for Biryani.Β  So we went in search for the ingredients, interestingly we met with lots of shopkeepers telling their own prices. We were confused a lot , as we didn’t know the original price. Ahaa… We decided to check at all places and then decide where to buy πŸ™‚ (Bazingaaa we were right, that’s the way to shop :)) ..

Once the lunch was ready, we called children outside.Β  Cutest group of children I had ever met. We served them food and ate with them.Β  The most energetic lot of the bunch was the group of 3 young kids. We had a great fun together. We all played basketball, catch-catch πŸ™‚ etc… I couldn’t forget one guy who was not speaking anything except for “BUS”. I didn’t understand what was wrong with him, so I asked their warden. She said this guy never utters a word other than “BUS”; if we say BUS has arrived and you will be boarding it then only he will eat or do anything. Nobody knows where his parents are, nor does one know where he used to live?? It was really sad and I was moved by that (Somethings change your life). Finally the time for photo-session arrived and we took snaps with all kinds of weird poses. The pictures of the group is attached above. All together we had a gala timeΒ  thanks to Vundavalli, Bappi, Kiran, George, Boppay, Padmini. (Sorry if I forgot any names)

What did I get from this wonderful visit ??? Interesting changes in me after this:

1)Β  Don’t talk about things just do it. Feel the real pain with the people who are suffering.

2)Β  Care about people around you. I realized how important some things are in important life and how small things change your life.

3) One of my grandmother’s sister lives alone. Never realized how happy they would feel if we go and spend some time with them. After one visit I started visiting her regularly and celebrated important events (b’day,diwali) with her. She felt so happy that she called my parents, my grandma and told that I was celebrating her b’day. That was the moment to see (I loved it). Due to my continuous visits my friends doubted my reason to go to grandma’s place; they thought I was going because might be a cute gal might be living beside my grandma’s house :P. I hope they get the reason now :).

4) The real worth of happiness is in sharing with others. (Courtesy: Movie “Into the Wild”). I always wanted happiness in my life. Now I believe providing happiness in others life will bring happiness in oneself.

You might be thinking this is the same kind of shit that people always talk. Yeah its true. One will find the difference only when he/she will go and have a good experience of their own. And this time its my experience.

Next post won’t be philosophical πŸ™‚

7 Responses to “Helping Hands > Praying Lips”
  1. rahul says:

    Interesting read !! Fourth point you made makes me think what are the “broad categories” from which happiness can be obtained … one of them as u say is by making the other person happy.

  2. hellboy says:

    touching indeed !! ..

  3. Sainath says:

    A nice post avinash,
    some times knowing & experiencing in real is better then just sitting & thinking about it.

    Way to go man, hope you continue this,

    by the way i still have doubts about you going too grandma’s home πŸ˜›

  4. Sundeep says:

    Stongly Likes this post!!

    btw provide some more information about the cute girl that u were hiding abt πŸ˜›

  5. Avinesh says:

    @ rahul: Its true there are many ways leading to happiness :).. This was the best πŸ™‚

    @Sainath and Sundeep:
    Dudes If there is a cute gal I wouldn’t be in campus atleast today :D…

  6. Sundeep says:

    we haven’t seen u in the campus today…:D

  7. Suman says:

    Dude I was not aware of this “angle” of the hunk ! … πŸ™‚ ..

    I think if there were sincere “praying lips” and they remained as “praying lips” .. it must be because of some reasons like lack of appropriate environment for them … when some “helping hands” create that environment, even the “praying lips” will transform into the “helping hands” πŸ™‚ …

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