Hi this is Avinesh PVS (Polisetty Venkata Sai), a usual guy with lots of experiences to share.  I once in a while get motivated towards doing anything and blogging is one of them for sure. For me life has been great from the start, thanks to my parents and relatives. Its true that people say your thoughts mature during your college days. I don’t know how?? when?? why??? but it is true.

For me life is like a ship, you sail as long it floats. There are a lot of similarities between a ship and us. Firstly it sails in high tides, low tides, and turbulence. High tides usually are jolly rides when you are highly motivated and exited to do things. Low tides depict the slow and boring patch of life we are going through. Whereas nature of the turbulence define the hurdles, difficulties and sorrows in our life. So, sail strong like a ship with full of surprises at every stage of your life.

My simple funda about this is “Life is filled with everything, it depends on us how we take it”. It is all in the perspective, point of view and moving strong. As big fellas say key to success is believing in yourself and achieving what you always dreamt of. Forget about the past, Live in the present and plan for the future.

As knowledge is wealth, I will be sharing my life’s little experiences. I am usually not a funny guy but I will make sure it will not be a complete serious blog.




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